Marloes ten Bhömer: Shoe Designer

Revolutionary designer Marloes ten Bhömer creates cutting edge shoes that are a product of technological experiment and invention of new provocative forms. Her most recent exhibition at Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of Kingston University in London named “A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operation” brought amazing insight in her work which is a true challenge for the industry of shoe design.

The exhibition displays trial models for a new footwear collection which has the goal to completely alter standard footwear design.

Exhibited material which consists of prototypes, sketches, films, prints and slides show experiments conducted by ten Bhömer in the period of one year. Her research is very exciting combining both intuitive and scientific strategies. It investigates the story high heel shoes from a rather unexpected angle. It shows what really happens when a woman wearing heels is forced into a real life combat – tripping, falling, stepping into rocks or spilled food. It is in a way an analysis of a construct of female identity, as well as an attempt of introducing a new approach to designing shoes with regards to technical and aesthetical improvement.

As Shumon Basar, design and architecture critic puts it: “If the key commandment of glamorous, upscale shoe design for women is to amplify and exaggerate the curves of the human foot, ten Bhömer’s shoes are riotous and sensuous sinners”.

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