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Rene Lalique: The Art of Jewelry

René Lalique was a revolutionary designer and the most important jeweler of the Art Nouveau period who made everything from perfume bottles and fountains to luxury car ornaments.   His work was ground-breaking for its time for he was famous for using unconventional materials and techniques as well as playing with innovative forms. His pieces are valued for the artistic inventiveness and prettiness as well as the ability to divulge the […]

Marloes ten Bhömer: Shoe Designer

Revolutionary designer Marloes ten Bhömer creates cutting edge shoes that are a product of technological experiment and invention of new provocative forms. Her most recent exhibition at Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of Kingston University in London named “A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operation” brought amazing insight in her work which is a true challenge for the industry of shoe design. The exhibition displays trial models […]